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Existing Metrics

Default Metrics
Parties Involved

Analyze the contract to identify and summarize all parties involved, including i

Contract Terms

Examine and outline the key terms and conditions specified within the contract,

Payment and Compensation

Evaluate the provisions related to payment and compensation within the contract,

Scope of Work

Review and analyze the defined scope of work outlined in the contract, detailing

Performance Metrics

Examine the performance metrics or indicators specified in the contract to measu

Delivery and Acceptance

Assess the provisions related to the delivery of goods or services and the crite

Intellectual Property Rights

Review and analyze the clauses pertaining to intellectual property rights, inclu

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Review and assess the clauses pertaining to confidentiality and non-disclosure o

Dispute Resolution

Analyze the mechanisms and procedures outlined for resolving disputes that may a


Examine the indemnification provisions in the contract, detailing the obligation

Force Majeure

Evaluate the force majeure clause in the contract, outlining unforeseeable circu

Governing Law

Review the governing law provision specifying the jurisdiction and laws applicab

Amendments and Modifications

Analyze the provisions related to amendments and modifications to the contract,


Examine the notice provisions specifying the methods, addresses, and timelines f

Insurance Requirements

Assess the insurance requirements outlined in the contract, including types of i


Review the termination provisions detailing the circumstances, procedures, and c

Entire Agreement

Evaluate the entire agreement clause confirming that the written contract consti


Review the severability provision stating that if any provision of the contract


Analyze the waiver provision specifying that the failure to enforce any rights o


Assess the assignability clause outlining the rights and limitations for assigni