Decipher Contracts Quickly with AI Summaries

Let our AI take the helm, transforming dense contractual text into straightforward summaries that help you navigate and manage agreements with unparalleled ease.

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Accelerating Precision in Contract Reviews

Experience the power of our AI contract analysis, designed to deliver speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Try seamless reviews that transform the way you handle agreements, ensuring every decision is backed by precision and clarity.

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10X Faster Workflow

Speed up your contract reviews with AI that quickly distills essential details, enabling ten times faster processing.

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Beware of Contract Pitfalls

Identify risks effortlessly as our AI pinpoints critical clauses and potential issues in contracts, safeguarding your interests.

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Top in AI Contract Insight

Partner with the leader in AI-driven contract analysis, ensuring you stay ahead with superior technology.

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Sleek, Modern Design

Navigate your reviews with ease using our sleek, intuitive interface that doesn't compromise on functionality.

How AI Summaries Supercharge Your Process

Enhance your understanding and accelerate decision-making with AI-powered precision that adapts to your specific legal needs.

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Smart AI Detection of Contractual Risks

Our AI feature meticulously analyzes contracts to identify and highlight potential risks such as scope creep, providing valuable insights that help you strengthen contract terms and protect your project interests efficiently.

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Instantly Know the Contract Essentials

Have a clear view of essential terms and potential risks at a glance to speed up your decision-making process.

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Beyond Pitfalls: AI-Driven Contract Suggestions

Our AI goes beyond merely spotting issues by also recommending targeted improvements, ensuring streamlined contracts management process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support does Legaliser offer?

Legaliser offers email support for all users, with additional basic chat and priority email support included in the Business and Enterprise plans, respectively. The Enterprise plan also includes a dedicated account manager for personalized support.

Can I customize what information the AI focuses on in the analysis?

Yes, you can customise the AI to focus on specific clauses or terms that are most relevant to your needs, enhancing the utility of the analysis.

Are the insights legally binding?

The insights themselves are not legally binding. They are tools designed to help you understand the main points of a contract more quickly. Always refer to the full text for legal proceedings.

How does Legaliser handle confidential information?

Legaliser prioritizes data security. All information processed through AI-Summarised Contracts is handled with strict confidentiality and adherence to privacy laws.

Is there a limit to the number of contracts I can analyze?

The number of contracts you can analyze may depend on your subscription plan with Legaliser. Check your plan details for specific limits.

Can I analyze contracts in bulk?

Yes, you can analyze contracts in bulk. This feature allows you to upload and analyze multiple documents at once, saving time and ensuring consistency across your contract reviews.

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