Gain Contract Clarity with AI-Driven Clause Ratings

We meticulously assess each clause for compliance and risk, ensuring your agreements meet industry standards and legal requirements effortlessly.

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Refine Your Contracts with Clause Ratings

AI-powered Clause Ratings provide detailed insights into contract clauses, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses for better negotiation leverage. This feature speeds up the contract review process, allowing you to make quicker, more informed decisions and streamline your legal workflows effectively.

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Understand at a Glance

Quickly grasp clauses and red flags at a glance.

Streamlined Contracts Management

Clause insights boost negotiator leverage.

Sleek, Modern Design

Intuitive and easy to use sleek interface.

How Clause Ratings Improve Strategy

Gain precise insights into contract strengths and weaknesses to enhance your negotiation strategies and streamline your legal workflow.

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Customise Your Clause Review

Tailor your contract analysis with AI by specifying exactly what to review and focus on, ensuring personalized insights that meet your unique needs.

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Consistency and Standardization

Clause ratings ensure all contracts adhere to a consistent standard, particularly useful for companies with large volumes of diverse contracts.

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Enhanced Negotiation Leverage

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of contract clauses gives negotiators better leverage to argue for favourable terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support does Legaliser offer?

Legaliser offers email support for all users, with additional basic chat and priority email support included in the Business and Enterprise plans, respectively. The Enterprise plan also includes a dedicated account manager for personalized support.

Can I customize what information the AI focuses on in the analysis?

Yes, you can customise the AI to focus on specific clauses or terms that are most relevant to your needs, enhancing the utility of the analysis.

Are the insights legally binding?

The insights themselves are not legally binding. They are tools designed to help you understand the main points of a contract more quickly. Always refer to the full text for legal proceedings.

How does Legaliser handle confidential information?

Legaliser prioritizes data security. All information processed through AI-Summarised Contracts is handled with strict confidentiality and adherence to privacy laws.

Is there a limit to the number of contracts I can analyze?

The number of contracts you can analyze may depend on your subscription plan with Legaliser. Check your plan details for specific limits.

Can I analyze contracts in bulk?

Yes, you can analyze contracts in bulk. This feature allows you to upload and analyze multiple documents at once, saving time and ensuring consistency across your contract reviews.

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