Our Commitment to Security:
At Legaliser, the security of our customers takes precedence, and we are fully committed to preserving the integrity of our services.
Our security measures are designed to adapt to the sensitivity of the data we handle, in step with advancements in technology.
We recognize the critical importance of trust and security for both you and your business, and we approach this responsibility with unwavering dedication.
Throughout our infrastructure and product offerings, we rigorously implement effective security controls, best practices, and procedures that align with these principles.
As an agile company, we maintain a software development process that is responsive to the ever-evolving and competitive market environment.
Our team members receive specialized training in Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) practices, ensuring the security of our services.
Our system code undergoes routine testing to identify and address known security vulnerabilities, including those listed in the OWASP Top 10.
Access Control:
  • Access to our production environment is restricted to authorized personnel exclusively.
  • Authorized personnel undergo identity verification using a unique user account, password, and two-factor authentication system before establishing secure VPN sessions.
  • Legaliser employees employ Single Sign-On (SSO) services to enhance security across various information systems.
  • Additional Measures:
    - Regular Security Audits: We conduct periodic security audits and assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in our systems and applications.
    - Incident Response: In case of a security incident, we have a comprehensive incident response plan in place to promptly and effectively mitigate any potential risks and notify affected parties. - Compliance with Regulations: Legaliser adheres to all relevant data protection and privacy regulations to ensure your data is handled in accordance with legal requirements.
    - Continuous Monitoring: We continuously monitor our systems and networks for any unusual or suspicious activities, allowing us to proactively respond to potential threats.
    - Security Awareness Training: Our employees receive ongoing security awareness training to maintain vigilance and ensure the highest level of security throughout our organization.

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